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Selasa, 17 April 2012

1 colour offset printing machine vs 4 colour offset printing machine

halo greetings , as a industrial player in printing industry which not in the big company i have searched that people in this area will be much more confident to print their work in 4 colour offset printing machine, i'm talking about offset because i don't have experience in other field beside offset, in more than 10 years of my printing experience, i realized that people would be more convenient if their job is done by 4 colour offset printing machine, and my goal that time is to have 4 colour press, and then one day i visited my father's friend print shop, that only have maximum 2 colour offset press and several 1 colour offset press, and most of the machine is only have conventional dampening only with water and fountain solution not with alcohol and chiller.
and i was surprise that that 90 % of his job came from advertising agency and pharmaceutical packaging order, this field is demanding very high requirement of quality and he can achieve that, than i looked up at his printing result, i was amaze that quality of his print is very good, and for the stability of the colour maybe his print shop is the best in jakarta area offcourse don't compare with indonesia printer eventhough i haven't print my work there. from his client that i see maybe some of them have print in indonesia printer,
and i ask him some question obiously to show my question mark in my head, how you do that ?
before he answer that question he took me for tour trip to see his machine around his workshop, and first we look at his sormz, and i asked what year of this sormz ? he said 1987, wow, and then he explained that this machine is the youngest in his print shop, what ? this mean the others is older , how you can achieve stability of colour with this old machine ? he smile to me and said
these day people only believe in machine not in person behind them, vice versa i trust and maintain the skill of person behind machine, but first the machine must be in good condition, define good condition ? i asked him again, he said all part of machine must be working in standard condition as the machine factory required, and spare part must be in original, so everytime i bought second hand machine it took me about six month to stripe down machine, to overhaul it he said, then asked again is it cost you more ? yes absolutely, he said, but you achive more when your machine in good condition and also maintenance make big contribution, don't be just user, always maintenance according to factory guidelines, always train your operator to do exactly you told, when machine is running after make adjusment you are not allowed to change ink adjustment, in order to make stability of ink, machine need approx 200 times druck, so you need more insid.
so this conversation change my point of view about only with 4 colour press we can achieve good quality press

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