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Sabtu, 05 Mei 2012

iso for offset printing : take it or leave it

in these day when competition is very rush and hush, border became invisible among regional country, iso is such a magic word for people who make money in field of industrial including printing industry, every body scream at each other, iso !! iso !! it's just like wake up from long long sleep. Suddenly i realized there are two choice : take it or leave it, honestly i don't know anything about iso, eventhough i take my college in industrial engineering but to me iso is just like something strange or stranger maybe, and i read from people who is very skillfull about this iso, it takes a great amount of time and money to aplicate iso into our job line, so the choice is yours but to me this is something i should pay attention and one day if i have money and time i will take this course about iso.      

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